I think you lost your morals..

Your on my page and your life is passing you by, you keep procrastinating over and over, maybe i'll follow this amazing ass blog tomorrow or on thursday, NOO Do it right now!
Heey yall:)
my names Aisha and welcome to my blog, I got a naggin suspicion that you'll love this blog, lol.
I'm gonna be a senior, 17, and livin in the fabulous SoCal.
Jimi Hendrix_The Weeknd_MGMT_Jhene Aiko_Miguel_
Gotta love em' :)
So yeaa, ask me shizz if you guys want to talk or have any questions,
cheyennethatswright asked: Follow & the unfollow.. whyyyy :(


oops, that was an accident, lol. :)

this has been the most amazing of big brother. Dan is a fuckin genius:)

i want to wish my mama a big happy birthday, i value her so much and what she has done for me to have a better life. I wouldnt be the person ive grown to become if it wasnt for my mommy. I love and appreciate you mommy<3

first day of being a senior,finally the upperclassmen, has been actually fun and chill. Its just tooooo many damn freshman at my school.. Ready for school tomorrow:)

what thy fucko.o my front door just opened on its own. Yes! I believe in fuckin ghosts.

oh goody gracious, school starts tomorrow.. I dont know how to feel :/ fuck! And i didnt do the summer reading.

i post shit on my blog, dont fuckin change the source dickwads>:|

gahh, went to the mall today and saw friends from school, i’d like to only see you on monday. The day school starts. Thank you